About Us

Sex selection is unlawful in our country , we neither do it nor advocate it !
    Satjot Hospital

    for Human Reproduction

    The main purpose of our web site is to provide basic information to the infertile couple, the scope of their getting pregnant and the fertility services that we offer. Dedicated to Reproductive health, Hospital is located in a Fully air conditioned 16,000 square ft suite in a posh area having separate Infertility and Obstetrical units equipped with 24/7 uptime power. It is designed optimally for easy mobility and comfortable stay of indoor patients. Our faculty is a combination of renowned clinicians, surgeons and embryologist who are expert in the latest technological procedures. We provide the most comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of infertility. Fertility treatment often involves multiple options. Based on your problem we explain to you the merits various treatment options. Your treatment plan is tailored to optimize your success rate over the shortest period of time.

    ART Unit
  • Our ART unit consists of pre-room, oocyte retrieval room, culture lab, andrology room, cryopreservation unit, scrub & change room, all under clean room umbrella.

  • Modular GI structured with vinyl flooring and separate VRV Air Handling Unit (AHU) ART lab under Class 10,000 is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments

  • Since IVF lab cannot tolerate any downtime, we made it triple sure by three backups in place to ensure 24/7 uptime power with trigger alarm feature for our culture lab.

    Obstetrical Unit
  • Our aim is to provide you quality obstetrical health care, timely infection free recovery and short hospital stay.

  • Our obstetrical unit endeavors aesthetically pleasing and therapeutically sound environment to facilitate the healing process of the patients.

  • All the rooms are equipped with AC, TV, geyser, room heating facility and have the facility of natural light through windows.