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IVF Centre in Amritsar, Punjab

Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation. Parenthood is what every married couple desires after a certain period of marriage. Many a times, due to the changing life style trends and biological complications, human bodies are not able to conceive a child. These complications are difficult to handle mentally and emotionally for the parents trying to have a child. The need of a child of every couple is the force that drives Satjot Hospital for human reproduction. The hospital leads the infertility treatments in Amritsar, Punjab. Satjot Hopital tries to make this process stress and worry free with the finest services available irrespective of any complications. To overcome some of the most complex infertility problems a personalized treatment plan is designed. There is great success with revolutionary techniques; and special care for every patient is available for calm and peaceful stay with us.


The Assisted Reproduction technology laboratory plays a crucial role in the successful IVF program. Embryo development and implantation highly depends on its culture environments. Satjot Hospital has modular GI structured with vinyl flooring and separate VRV Air Handling Unit (AHU) ART OT and culture lab. Clean room environment and sterility are extremely crucial for growth of healthy good quality embryos. Human embryos are extremely sensitive to the presence of smells, odors and VOCs. Actually, globally a Class 10,000 modular clean room is recommended for IVF. Our ART unit is equipped with Class 10,000 air with 25 exchanges per hour. Since ART lab cannot tolerate any downtime, we made it triply sure by three backups in place to ensure 24/7 up time power with trigger alarm feature for our ART unit. Pre- heating is used to sterilize the air, activated carbon and potassium permanganate. HEPA (High efficiency particulate air) filters are used to capture and remove air born contaminants. Modular labs with strict air quality control gives nearly 25% enhanced pregnancy rates than the conventional lab.

Why you must choose Satjot Hospital?
  • It specializes in treating couples who have had failed IVF Cycles.
  • Doctors educates patients to take wise decisions
  • It has entire treatment under one roof
  • IVF lab is strictly as per international guidelines.

NOTE: The procedure is indicated for irreparably damaged or blocked fallopian tubes and when other modes of treatments have failed in:

  • • Endometriosis.
  • • Unexplained infertility.
  • • IUI failures.
  • • Ovulatory dysfunction.
  • • Sperm disorders.
  • • Immunological problems.

Do not delay and book an appointment with our senior IVF specialist. Call us at:- 91-183-2500350, 91-9814032428.