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Semen Can be Stored 10 years
Oocyte Can be Stored for 5 years
Embryo Can be Stored for 5 years

    Cryopreservation is the maintenance of sperm, oocyte and embryo by freezing them at extremely low temperature for future use. It is typically associated with infertility programs. It enables sperm, oocyte and embryo to be kept in storage for a any number of years after which they can be thawed and may be used to conceive a child.

    Semen Storage

    The semen sample is collected by masturbation in a sterilized container in a designated ‘Semen Collection Room’ at the infertility centres in Punjab (the Semen Collection Room at the centre is mandatory). Semen collection in hospital is preferable but if you are not comfortable with that, semen can be collected at home and then transported to the hospital.

    The sample is accessed and suitably processed in the laboratory and stored at a very low temperature in carefully labeled vials in liquid nitrogen.

    The technique can help men to store their sperm for future use if--

    • Undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, which could result in a decrease or sometimes complete loss of sperm production.
    • The man is going to be absent for a long time.
    • The number of sperm present are extremely low.
    • Prior to Vasectomy.
    • Unable to produce sample on demand due to psychological stress.
    The frozen sperm sample is thawed and used for IUI, IVF or ICSI.
    Legal Issues
    • Husband is father of the child in all respects.
    • Child conceived is fully legitimate.
    • The frozen sample is to be exclusively used for donor`s wife.
    • Use of semen after the death of husband is lawfully allowed, and the child so born will carry the name of father.
    • Semen can be preserved maximum for a period of 10 years.
    Freezing of Oocyte
    • Oocyte freezing is under taken due to following indications:
    • Undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, which could impair fertility and sometimes complete loss of fertility.
    • To delay having children.
    • In case of POF (pre mature Ovarian failure)
    Freezing of Embryo During IVF/ICSI programme the excess embryos are cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of –196°C to be used for the future cycles. About half of the embryos survive freezing. Possible advantages of cryopreservation of embryos include:
    • Avoids the need of repeated stimulation of the woman without reducing the chance of commutative pregnancy.
    • Dramatic cost reduction of future IVF/ICSI cycles.
    • Reduction of the risk of triplets or quadruplets by cryopreservation of embryos exceeding an optimal number for transfer to an individual patient.
    • Possibly increasing pregnancy rates by replacing thawed embryos during spontaneous ovulatory cycles or cycles in which the estrogen and progesterone hormone levels do not exceed that which occurs naturally.
    • Can be stored to be used in future cycles in case of OHSS.
      Legal Issues
    • The embryo can be stored maximum for a period of 5 years.
    • The child will be legitimate child of the couple.
    • He/She will have identical legal rights.
    • The birth certificate shall bear the names of the parents.
    • Such embryos can either be used for couple or for research with the written consent of the couple.
    Important We cannot be held liable for any problems that may occur during cryopreservation or storage, which could render the sperm/ oocyte/embryo non-viable.