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Our IVF Lab

The ART laboratory plays a crucial role in the successful IVF program. Embryo development and implantation highly depends on its culture environments. Lacking immune system. they cannot protect themselves against environmental pollutants. Quality standards are needed to ensure consistency and reproducibility of all methods and optimum parameters should be strictly maintained for embryonic development. We have an advanced IVF laboratory with ultramodern infra structure and state- of -the- art equipments. Our IVF-unit consists of pre- room, oocyte retrieval room, culture lab, andrology room, cryopreservation unit, scrub and change room all under clean room umbrella.

Construction materials such flooring, paints and adhesives constitute a major part of volatile organic matter(VOC) leading to "sick building syndrome". We have a modular GI structured with vinyl flooring and separate VRV Air Handling Unit( AHU) ART OT and culture lab. Clean room environment and sterility are extremely crucial for growth of healthy good quality embryos. Human embryos are extremely sensitive to the presence of smells, odours and VOCs. Globally a Class 10,000 modular clean room is recommended for IVF . Our ART unit is equipped with Class 10,000 air with 25 exchanges per hour. Since ART lab cannot tolerate any downtime, we made it triplely sure by three backups in place to ensure 24/7 uptime power with trigger alarm feature for our ART unit. The air is sterilized by pre- heating , activated carbon and potassium permanganate followed by HEPA(High efficiency particulate air) filters to capture and remove air born contaminants. Modular labs with strict air quality control gives nearly 25% enhanced pregnancy rates than the conventional lab.

Availability of trained and skilled embryologist is a challenge in our country and 70% of the IVF service providers are without in- house embryologist and resort to batch practice and thus may compromise the optimize pregnancy outcome. We offer IVF services on routine basis to provide our patients best reproductive care according to their individual needs and biological clock.  At our centre we have an in- house of embryologist