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We were married since 7years and experienced infertility due to severe PCOS of my wife. We tried at many fertility clinics and on the advise of doctors had two unsuccessful attempts at some other clinic. However, Dr Chawla suggested that there was no need for IVF and advised us some life style modifications so as to reduce the weight of my wife. Some The care, attention, and respect we received so far has been exceptional. Some medication was also given. After 5months of treatment my wife got pregnant, now have a baby girl of 2years. Many thanks to Dr Chawla for building our family.
We had several years of unsuccessful treatment at some fertility clinic. Then some body suggested us to approach Satjot Hospital. Dr Chawla so simple to look at, provided us exceptional services and we were successful in getting a child Thanks Dr Chawla.
Our experience with Doctors at Satjot Hospital was beyond our belief. Dr Chawla counseled us for our infertility, took detailed history , presented us with all options for our treatment, encouraged us to ask questions which greatly satisfied us. The care, attention, and respect we received so far has been exceptional. After 1year of treatment we had a little baby who is now 6months old.
Even after 4 years of our marriage we were unable to start our family. The reason was tubal block. Consulted Dr Chawla who advised us IVF. The treatment was successful in 2nd cycle. Very reasonable cost. Very professional attitude. Many thanks Dr Chawla.
Totally shattered , feeling helpless for our failure to start a family for 6 long years approached Dr Chawla on the advice of my friend. What next, every thing dramatically changed. Have not seen such a dedicated doctor earlier. Fully devoted to the cause of every patient, very sincere, very simple. We achieved success after two years of treatment. Always encouraged us during the whole course of treatment. The little baby was delived only a week back. How lucky we are. Miraculous. Thanks to my friend and Dr Chawla , his whole team. Thank you all indeed.
We could not be happier! Thank You all. Had twins out of IVF.
Were living in solitude, avoiding family and social functions. Under tremendous pressure. Getting fatigue visited several clinics. Thanks Dr Chawla for fulfilling our wishes.
Thank you so much for providing such wonderful TESA-ICSI service! Your whole staff is patient friendly yet thoroughly professional and very supportive. You are simply amazing. Gifted us with a cute baby girl. Just delivered. We had an exceptional experience at the hospital. My sincere appreciation to Dr Chawla , Thanks the whole staff.
Great experience to visit your hospital. I was tired of unsuccessful treatment of my wife who was diagnosed with PCOS, a lot of weight gain, unwanted hair and infertility, all very traumatic. Unable to find any solution for many years. Dr chawla with all his patience and competence treated my wife for a year and a half, she got pregnant, treated her during anti natal period, ful term delivery. Thanks Satjot Hospital.
What a fertility centre. Open, spacious very clean. Thanks to patient friendly and highly professional staff. The baby boy is really as smart as the Satjot hospital staff. Thanks every body.
Thank your entire staff for the excellent care received during my entire course of infertility treatment. A wonderful experience, constant counseling and encouragement , my morale build up. The whole team is wonderful. Your correct diagnosis and treatment regimen for my endometrotic cysts enabled me to bear a child after so many years of frustration. Thanks a lot doctor. Thanks the whole team.
Dr Chawla you made a real differce in my life . Acute child Rahen after 10 years of my marriage. Thanks Dr Chawla. Thanks IVF technology. Beyond my belief.
Nearly every infertile couple has the same story. Desperate. So many years of trying to have a child but not happening. Luckily approached Dr Chawla through a friend. It happened through ICSI in my 3rd attempt. Now we are very happy. Completely lost in our child. Really great.
My matrimonial carrier started very late. I was 35 years when I got married. Pregnancy was not happening. Consulted Dr Chawla. He helped me bear a child through IUI. Staff very cooperative and professional. Very spacious and neat clinic with healing touch. State of the art instruments. Every thing added to my confidence. Thanks Dr Chawla and his whole team.You are providing exceptional services.
Dr Chawla thanks , thanks and thanks for helping me out of my infertility problem.
Thank you very much Dr. Chawla. I received the best care possible for my fertility treatment. You were so caring, compassionate, and supportive throughout two and half year of my treatment . We are blessed with two baby boys out of ICSI.You always made me feel hopeful. I appreciate and thank you and your wonderful staff for the same.
We thank you to make it possible to complete our family. The magical child is now 5 months old. She is a dream come true for us. Thank you and your staff for the help given to us.
Infertility was a difficult journey for both of us and also our associates. You helped us built a family. Appreciate you efforts and sincerity. You made it possible for Dolly to see this wonderful world.
Your expertise in the field is wonderful. All our hope were shattered chasing infertility centres one after an other. You are so committed to your profession. Worked very hard but with compassion till the result was positive. Sincere thanks to you and you team.
How should we show our gratitude. You gave us the real happiness. Were really tired of time and money we spent at several clinics searching for success. The child is really pretty and wonderful. Thank you doc.