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ART for Building Your Family

IVF (Test Tube baby)
ART is a group of techniques where conception happens outside a woman's body in the laboratory under carefully controlled conditions. Here no attempt is made  to cure the patient , the target is simply to achieve pregnancy. The possibility of a continuing pregnancy being achieved by ART has improved from practically nil to one chance in 2 to 5 have revolutionized the management of infertility. The most popular ART techniques are IVF-ET(Test tube baby) and ICSI.

We have a unique distinction of achieving results of over 40% in IVF/ICSI. Our Modular GI IVF OT and Culture Lab are equipped with state- of- the- art instruments and Class 10,000 Air. Our ART practices are run strictly according to regulatory standards and regulated prices. We offer IVF services on routine basis to provide you best reproductive care according to your individual needs and biological clock. Our personized care and tight quality control enable us to optimize your success in the shortest time.