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Improve Your Chance of Getting Pregnant!

Most Fertile Time of Woman

    The most fertile time of the month is just before or at ovulation. Ovulation usually occurs two weeks before a period starts. Take the number of days in the usual cycle (from the beginning of one period to beginning to the next) and subtract 14. For example, a woman with a 32 day cycle would likely ovulate around Day18 (32-14=18), while a woman with a 28 day cycle would ovulate around Day14 (28-14). Because sperm live longer than the egg does, it is best to have intercourse before ovulation rather than after it , so a women who ovulates on Day14 would have a good chance of conceiving if she has intercourse on either Day13 or14. The ovulation can be predicted by ultrasound, basal body temperature and ovulation prediction kit available in the market.

    Frequency of Intercourse

    It is a good idea to have intercourse every other day around the time of ovulation (Day10, 12, 14 and 16). Every woman is different, and may not ovulate exactly on "Day14". To maximize the chance of pregnancy, it is preferable to have intercourse on the alternate day rather than every day so that sufficient sperm will be available in the uterus around the time of ovulation.

    Present Status of Infertility Treatment

    Human reproduction is a slow process. However, advances in the field of reproductive medicine, new diagnostic tools and various Assisted Reprodution Technology procedures have currently made it possible to treat all kinds of infertility, but the female age is the key issue. As the fertility time in women's life is very limited (ranging from 18-35 years), no time should be wasted. An expert management in the hands of infertility specialist can help achieve pregnancy in more than 60-70% cases.