Why Us?

14 years of excellence at our IVF clinic

Satjot Hospital is a under one roof super-specialty centre, devoted solely to the management of human reproduction.

Our team makes every effort to identify and cure the specific cause of infertility. We have the most advanced facilities and highly experienced specialists to take care of all obstetric emergencies, and caring atmosphere to ensure that this experience is safe and healthy for both the mother and newborn.
The hospital has a unique distinction of achieving close to 3000 pregnancies, including nearly 400 IVF pregnancies in a span of fourteen years. In IVF/ICSI our current success rates are over 40%.

Consistently high IVF success rates

We have a 14 years track record of high pregnancy rates. The ART laboratory plays a crucial role in the successful IVF program.

Quality standards are needed to ensure consistency and reproducibility of all methods and optimum parameters should be strictly maintained for embryonic development. We have an advanced IVF laboratory with ultramodern infra structure and state- of -the- art equipments.
Globally a class 10,000 modular clean room is recommended for IVF . Our ART unit is equipped with class 10,000 air with 25 exchanges per hour. The air is sterilized with several filters to capture and remove air born contaminants. Modular labs with strict air quality control gives nearly 25% enhanced pregnancy rates than the conventional lab.
Availability of trained and skilled embryologist is a challenge in our country and 70% of the IVF service providers are without in- house embryologist and resort to Batch practice which may compromise the optimize pregnancy outcome. To provide our patients best reproductive care according to their individual needs and biological clock we offer IVF services on routine basis

Conveniently located

Our centre is situated on the airport road and we are conveniently approachable in less than 15 min from ISBT and 10 min from railway station.

Amritsar is only 6-8 hrs away by rail or road from Dehli- the national capital. It is on the International Air Map and has frequent national and international air services.
To suit the needs of the patients who come from far off places, our clinic remains open till late in the evening and during week ends. Boarding facilities are available for the ART patients.

Customized Care

Fertility treatment involves a stunning array of options.

We offer a uniquely personalized level of care that is best suited for emotional, physical and financial needs of each patient. Based on the problem we explain the merits of the various treatment options. The patient treatment plan is tailored to optimize the greatest chance of success over the shortest period of time.

We do not recommend IVF as a first option

We always proceed from the simpler to more complex therapeutic methods. Although hi-tech IVF procedures are being employed as regular procedures at our centre yet these costly procedures are employed as the last resort and not the first option. IVF/ICSI are utilized when absolutely necessary.

We strictly adhere to standards established by ICMR guidelines.

Although there is no law regulating the ART procedures in India but ICMR draft `The Assisted Reproductive Technologies(Regulations) Rules-2010, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare , Govt. of India, New Dehli is available. These guide lines are intended to be followed voluntarily by those practicing ART. We strictly adhere to these guidelines or any amendment there after.

As sex selection is unlawful in our country we neither do it nor advocate it.

No Hidden Charges

We offer packages for every standard ART procedure. This includes scans for ovulation tracking, blood tests, scratching, sedation at egg cropping, and embryo transfer procedure(excluding cryopreservation). Moreover, we provide a clear breakdown of costs before the beginning of any treatment.